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Hi, I am Hemal Bhatt

Many years ago, while pursuing my master’s degree, I solved a significant problem for my university and was awarded a scholarship. This pivotal moment led me to discover my true passion: helping others achieve their potential.
With extensive experience in business strategy and over 20,000 hours dedicated to honing my skills, I am here to help you! My journey has been enriched by collaborating with coaches, mentors, and a supportive community. Each client’s needs are unique, but the challenges we face are remarkably similar. My mission is to share the benefits of my journey and knowledge, empowering others to achieve their dreams with the right resources, coaching, and tools.


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Our Solution-Based Tools

Achieve your goals with our easy-to-use, solution-based tools. Get the support you need to grow and succeed.

AI Website Builder

In the early stages, top-tier CMSs were quite expensive. However, you don't need to worry about that. I will provide you with free access to an AI-powered website builder. Once you're ready to launch your site, you can opt for the paid version to unlock additional features.
Some of the features of your website:
Free SSL Certificate: Included with the free site.
Inbuilt Stock Photos & Icons: Access a wide range of high-quality images and icons.
Customizable Template: Easily personalize this template to suit your needs.
Brand Color Adjustment: Effortlessly change the color scheme to match your brand.
...and many more
Whether you already have your own website or not, I'll provide guidance on copywriting, tools, integrations, automation, and more. If you don't have a website yet, I can assist you in designing one from scratch. You will receive the ProBiz101 Branding site. With the premium site, you can set your custom domain

AnyFlow: Live Chat for Lead Generation

Give potential clients the freedom to contact you in their preferred manner and schedule appointments according to their individual needs and preferences.
Some of the features of AnyFlow tool:
Unlimited Link on your website
Form builder + Live chat
One Place to manage all your chats (iOS and Android app)
Your Branding
CRM System
Ticketing System
Custom links
...and many more

My Reviews Corner: Review Management Tool

Request, Collect, and Showcase Reviews from Your Customers to Enhance Your Online Reputation.
Some of the features of My Reviews Corner tool:
Easily connect customers from Stripe, HubSpot, or Zapier (or add them manually).
Your landing page gives each customer a way to rate your product, leave feedback, and display links to product review sites
If a customer gives a low rating, you can offer a feedback form instead of showing product review links to avoid negative public feedback.
Get an email and a Slack notification when customers rate your product and leave feedback.
Show off your best reviews on your own hosted, customizable showcase page. You decide which reviews to show.
...and many more

CoachPro All-in-One Business Solutions Toolbox

The all-in-one solution to build, launch & scale your coaching business.
Access all the Tools and Resources in One Package.
ProBiz101: AI Website Builder
AnyFlow: Live Chat for Lead Generation Tool
My Reviews Corner: Easily Get More Reviews from Your Customers
ProBiz101: AI Website Builder
...and many more

Social Media Automation Tool - Coming Soon

Social media marketing lets coaches connect with more people, share expertise, and build trust, leading to growth and finding new clients.
Some of the features of Social Media Automation Tool:
Automate your social media strategy with our planning, scheduling, and calendar tools.
Easily create engaging content for your audience.
Choose templates or create your own. AI optimization ensures high-performing content.
Measure your social media performance with an analytics dashboard. Gain valuable insights and create meaningful automations.
Generate AI photos, use stock media, or edit and design your own visuals.
Generate posts effortlessly from prompts, images, news, Google, holidays, brainstorming, questions, raw text, and URLs.
...and many more

Get everything you need to start and grow your online business.

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